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Keep your vendors compliant.

You rely on your vendors to honor the service contracts you’ve negotiated and deliver your full scope of services at the agreed upon price. But more often than you would expect, the bills you receive and pay aren’t accurate—and the mistakes are almost always in your vendors’ favor. Finding, correcting, and recouping your credits takes time you don’t have to spare, especially when you work with dozens of vendors across many locations. SIB has the people and the insight into key vendors in each spend area to review all your contracts and invoices and keep your vendors compliant, saving you significant sums of money and ensuring you get what you pay for. While we’re at it, we find opportunities for contract optimization and cost reduction to boost your bottom line even more.

Keep your vendors honest.

Find and correct all billing errors

Prevent unauthorized fees and surcharges

Expedite the collection of refunds and credits

Validate service levels and full contract value

Put our contract compliance expertise to work to ensure your bills and service levels are right.

Our team dives deep into your contracts, conducting a thorough historical review to ensure your vendors are living up to their service promises and pricing. Chances are, they aren’t. Even when vendors honor the best-in-class prices your team has negotiated, you are likely paying taxes, surcharges, and fees you are not obligated to pay. Or you may not be receiving the full scope of services per your contract. We find every error, overbilling, and opportunity for savings to significantly reduce your costs and ensure the greatest value for your spend.

When we find billing errors, we act on them immediately. The SIB team works directly with your vendors to handle appeals and proactively secure all refunds and credits you are due. We validate that credits are expediently and accurately applied to your account.

Even when vendors comply with your current contract, companies almost always have opportunities to reduce costs, take advantage of better rate structures, or build in favorable language to better protect their businesses from price increases and ensure greater value from their agreements. Leveraging data from 500,000+ pricing benchmarks, SIB has the market intelligence to successfully negotiate with your vendors to establish optimized, executable service contracts at the ideal rate structures, terms, and conditions for your usage and region. Learn more >

We keep your contracts in compliance for the long-term. Our team diligently reviews every invoice to validate accuracy, verify adherence to new terms and conditions, and find and correct errors, unauthorized fees, or other issues that can pop up, especially after contracts have been optimized. Ongoing vigilance from a dedicated team ensures vendors continue to honor your agreements, including price increase limits, throughout the life of your contract.

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Our team has extensive experience with your vendors and their contracts, and we put it to work for you to ensure you always get the value you deserve.

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