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Shipping costs consume as much as 30% of the cost of goods sold, and with such a small number of carriers dominating the small parcel industry, shippers struggle to get the service they need at a price they can afford. Historically-high carrier rate increases clash with the common consumer expectation for free shipping, leaving no one but the shipper to foot the bill. And they’re running out of margin. Shippers desperately need help curbing these cost increases and restoring sanity to their supply chains, which is exactly what our Shipware division delivers.

Our industry experts employ automated data solutions, proprietary benchmarking, and decades of carrier pricing experience to ensure you get the best options, performance, and prices you need to turn shipping into a competitive advantage. And when you’re ready to expand, our 3PL Fulfillment Optimization team will walk you through every step, ensuring you sign the right contract with the right fulfillment partner, in the location that will help you delight the most consumers.

Make shipping and fulfillment optimization easier.

Negotiate better contract rates and terms with your shipping partners

Identify the best carrier options for your geographic distribution, time-in-transit requirements, budget, and technology needs

Leverage your data to make better business decisions

Connect with pre-vetted providers of logistics software, insurance, and other partners that meet specialized shipping needs

Put our logistics optimization expertise to work for your business.

Level the playing field with large carriers by accessing the benchmarking data, carrier pricing analytics, and advanced data modeling technologies you need to understand best-in-market rates and gain new insights into complex terms and conditions, rates, fees, and surcharges. We coach and mentor you through every phase of your contract renewal and midterm negotiations, arming you with information and strategies to secure better bids and save you as much as 30%. We scour your contracts to ensure no unfavorable legal language restricts your ability to protect your business interests. Finally, Shipware supports you throughout the entire term of your contract, including both regular business reviews and proactive monitoring to ensure your contract remains optimized as long as Shipware is involved.

Our team of 3PL experts connect third-party fulfillment providers with companies that need fulfillment services. They ensure both sides are positioned to win by optimizing carrier rate structures to meet the needs of the 3PLs and the companies they serve. In fact, many of the pre-vetted 3PLs in our network leverage our carrier expertise to optimize their own shipping costs, keeping costs low for their customers, and outperforming their promised SLAs. Shipware’s 3PL Fulfillment Optimization process creates true win-win-win outcomes.

The large traditional carriers are far from the only post-pandemic shipping options. Shipware can introduce you to a broad range of regional and other alternative carriers that, if used correctly, often minimize supply chain risk, improve performance, and reduce cost, all at the same time. We also help you balance your routing criteria to avoid unintentional contractual breaches or rate penalties. Our Shipware team and partners help with every aspect of onboarding new carriers and confidently maintaining a multi-carrier strategy that delivers the greatest advantage for your business.

When you ship thousands of packages per week, it’s nearly impossible to identify all the potential refunds your carrier might owe you. Left unclaimed, the guarantees expire quickly. Shipware’s Invoice Auditing and Refund Recovery teams use our proprietary shipping audit software to ensure you get the refunds you deserve when your carrier fails to meet their delivery guarantee, all without tying up your team with tedious and time-consuming paperwork.

Save time, reduce labor costs, and avoid late fees by automating weekly carrier payments through Shipware’s Parcel Pay program. The weekly frequency of the carrier invoices can post a special challenge for AP teams that process most other bills on a monthly basis. We take the burden off your team, consolidating and reconciling payments across multiple accounts and carriers to ensure accurate, on-time payments. Our solution also includes custom general ledger coding to automatically assign costs to the proper business unit, streamlining and improving the accuracy of your accounting.

Knowledge is power. But wading through the overwhelming quantities of data in your Warehouse Management System (WMS) reports and carrier invoices presents its own time-consuming challenge. Even if you can keep your data up to date, determining which data is actually valuable is its own hurdle. Our reporting portal simplifies the task with dynamic, interactive charts that highlight meaningful shipping trends, offer insights into your supply chain, flag problem areas, and highlight opportunities. Easily shift from high-level insights to a granular understanding of your shipping cost variables across services and surcharges by simply drilling down into the charts. With on-demand access to your data through customized, intuitive dashboards, you can make critical, cost-saving decisions faster than ever before.

Meet our Logistics Optimization Leadership Team

Our industry veterans are recognized shipping experts who know the ins and outs of all major carrier sales and pricing processes. Not only do they help you produce great results, they empower your team with the knowledge and tools they need to ensure the long-term success of your logistics strategy.

Josh Taylor

Senior Director of Professional Services

Steve Givens

Managing Director, Fulfillment Optimization

Nathan Hughes

Vice President, Shipping + Logistics

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