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Many of the basic and essential services your company pays for every month get chalked up to the cost of doing business with little attention paid to the fees beyond initial contract negotiation. Companies simply don’t have the resources or nuanced expertise to expend on ensuring every individual expense area is optimized and every bill is correct. Fortunately, SIB does. We offer a no-risk approach to finding the significant overhead savings opportunities that exist across a wide range of spend categories for virtually every company in every industry. And we capture the savings without changing your providers, altering quality of service, or disrupting your operations. So more of your money can go to your bottom line instead of your vendors.

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Healthcare facilities, medical practices, dental offices, and senior living centers rely on a constant and diverse supply of quality medical items to do their lifesaving work. But most are paying too much for the supplies they need. SIB reviews contracts and invoices, bringing our industry insight to bear to uncover billing errors, optimize service levels, and ensure contract compliance, reducing spend by an average of 10% across all your medical supplies and facilities.

Save an average of 18% on the services that keep your employees and business looking their best. From automotive service providers and manufacturers to healthcare facilities, senior living centers, health clubs, retailers, and more, SIB has the data and expertise to secure and validate the best prices and terms from your linen, laundry, and uniform vendors, improving your current service levels while cutting your costs.

SaaS subscriptions, internet services, printing and copying, and other IT services keep your business operational. But usage needs change over time, and complex rate structures, contracts, and costs don’t always keep pace. An IT expense audit typically turns up major cost reduction opportunities with companies standing to save an average of 8% on SaaS subscriptions and 26% on printer and copier services through rightsizing, billing error reduction, and price optimization.

You may be paying almost twice as much as you need to for document storage and destruction. We work with companies of all types to reduce fees for these critical services by 35-45%. With data on more than 5,700 locations including those in your region and industry, we know what the best rates are. And we know how to get you the best-in-market pricing you deserve.

The gas mixes, high purity gases, food grade gases, and other specialty gases your business uses can feel like a large and non-negotiable expense item. But SIB helps companies across multiple industries save 10-33% on these costs. Through best-in-class contracts and accurate billing, you can significantly reduce your specialty gas bill and improve your bottom line.

Any business that offers food and beverage knows that the waste can add up fast. When you add billing errors, non-optimized pricing, and extraneous service fees on top of that, the costs start taking a major bite out of profits. Our experts identify every source of cost reduction in the category to lower expenses by 10-15% and help keep your food and beverage costs in check.

The cost of janitorial services and supplies, floor care, housekeeping, pressure washing, and window washing can amount to a significant expense for your business, especially if you operate large or multiple facilities. SIB works with your vendors to optimize service and supply level, identify billing errors, and negotiate best-in-class rates to reduce your costs by an average of 5%.

Are the vendors who take care of your property following their contracts to the letter? If you’re spending money on services and fees that aren’t part of the contract, we can correct the issue, reduce your costs, and secure refunds that go directly to your bottom line. We look for unpublished and special discount rates to further reduce your spend, cutting your maintenance expenses by 7% on average.

By ensuring contract compliance, correcting billing errors, and negotiating best-in-class rates based on in-depth market intelligence and our insider perspective, SIB can help reduce your elevator maintenance spend by an average of 15%. From hotels and healthcare facilities to office buildings, apartments, and senior and student living facilities, we make sure the only things going up are your elevators, and not your costs.

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